At the moment, around 300 million children worldwide can’t go to their schools due to the coronavirus outbreak. So many parents face the struggle of keeping their kids occupied at home. As we’ve already learned before, homeschooling is not as easy as it seems; therefore, for this reason, various educational resources are popping up, making thousands of parents’ lives way easier.

Mo Willems⁠—a bestselling author and illustrator⁠—has announced that he will be teaching drawing every weekday on YouTube to kids who are now at home. Mo will be having sessions called Lunch Doodles where he will occupy the little ones by doodling together with them.

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Well-known illustrator Mo Willems has announced that he’ll be doing Lunch Doodles for kids on YouTube

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Numerous parents all around the globe are struggling with their own jobs and homeschooling their kids, so bestselling author and illustrator Mo Willems has come to the rescue!

The sessions will take place every weekday at 1 p.m. EST

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Mo Willems, who is best known for his books “The Pigeon Has to Go to School!” “I Will Take a Nap!” and “Knufflebunny,” has announced that he will be live streaming “Lunch Doodles” videos every weekday at 1 p.m. EST from his own house. The video sessions will be shared on the Kennedy Center’s YouTube account as well as on their website.

The sessions are about 20 minutes long

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“I know a lot of you guys are not in school,” Willems said in an introductory video this Monday. “You’re at home right now because of all the things that are going on. Well, guess what? I’m at home, too. We’re gonna hang out together.”

In them, Mo Willems will be drawing together with kids

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The well-known illustrator and author is also encouraging kids to submit questions to Later, he will try to respond to them in his videos.

He also encourages children to submit questions, which he’ll try to respond to in the videos

Image credits: The Kennedy Center

“Lunch Doodles” has already shared three episodes, each comprised of somewhere between 20 to 28 minutes. So tune in and don’t forget to also follow Mo Willems’ Twitter, where he announces of any technical difficulties he’s having so that your little ones don’t miss the show!

So far, people are loving the sessions

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