Know the feeling when you are just too tired to think about what to watch, where to find it, then going through the hassle of filling in some subscription form and paying a pretty penny for an hour and a half worth of entertainment? We know it, too, and to lend you a helping hand in such a case, we’ve created a list of 134 movies that you can watch completely free on YouTube—Yup, completely free and without any strings attached.

So, in this list of full movies to watch on YouTube, you’ll find some hidden gems varying from cult classics to thought-provoking documentaries. Sure, some of these free-to-watch movies are only good for their entertainment value, but there truly are instances in life when you aren’t looking for anything else. But if you are seeking thrills, chill, or even some food for thought, you would be surprised by the awesomeness of these YouTube movies.

What are you waiting for? Scroll down below to check out our handpicked full free movies on YouTube that you could be watching right now! Of course, don’t forget to vote for the best movies that you’ve enjoyed watching, and tell your friends all about this opportunity to spend some quality time by watching a completely free movie!


The Call Up

The Call Up

The Call Up is a 2016 British science-fiction movie written and directed by one Charles Barker. It goes like this - eight top-ranked video gamers are invited to test a beta version of a virtual reality first-person shooter game. It all seems like fun and games at first, but soon enough, the players discover that the equipment they use includes lethal feedback, and now their survival depends solely on winning the game. Some critics scolded The Call Up for its cliche characters, while others praised its visual style, atmosphere, and cool action sequences highly. But, if you’re into action and sci-fi movies, give this one a shot; it’s free to watch, after all! Report

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The Legend Of The Red Dragon

The Legend Of The Red Dragon

The Legend Of The Red Dragon (also known as The New Legend Of Shaolin) is a 1994 Hong Kong martial arts movie produced by and starring Jet Li. The film follows the exploits of Hung Hei-kwun, a martial artist who lived in 18th century China, as a rebel against the Qing government rule. And, undoubtedly, there are plenty of pretty cool fight scenes in this movie, twisted government conspiracies, and rebellion-driven sabotage. A real treat for Jet Li and martial arts movie fans! Report


Men At Work

Men At Work

Men At Work is a 1990 American comedy/thriller movie written and directed by Emilio Estevez, who also stars in the movie along with Charlie Sheen. So, this duo plays a couple of garbage collectors in the movie with a dream to own a surf shop. Since they are known to be troublemakers, soon there are corpses, a damsel in distress, a pizza guy hostage, and a pool of toxic water. In short, the whole shebang. And, as a movie with a tiny production budget, it did pretty well in the box office, although the critics weren’t too convinced that it was a movie worthy of such fame. I guess you’ll just have to see it and judge for yourself. If anything else, it will give you a nice reminiscence on the ‘90s trends, fashions, and way of life. Report


Living On One Dollar

Living On One Dollar

Living On One Dollar is a 2013 documentary movie exploring the way of living with just one dollar daily allowance. Four young friends (who are also the creators of this documentary) live in such a way for two months in rural Guatemala, battling hunger, parasites and coming to a realization that there indeed aren’t any easy answers to solving extreme poverty. Living On One Dollar might be the most awarded movie on our list, with a Sonoma International Film Festival win under its belt and numerous praises from various famous people devoted to humanitarian causes. It isn’t a light watch but a real eye-opener instead. Report


Ghost In The Shell 2.0

Ghost In The Shell 2.0

Ghost In The Shell 2.0 is not exactly a new movie but rather a modernized re-release of the 1995 original. This version combines original footage from the 1995 version with updated animations, created by using the newest at the time animation technologies. Also, this 2008 re-release includes a new opening scene, upgraded holographic displays, and omits some brief scenes. Even the original soundtrack got a revamp, being rearranged and re-recorded for the occasion. So, basically, it’s Ghost In The Shell entering the 21st century, and the more of this iconic anime movie, the better! Report

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There is a second one too, though. However, I admit I can't remember it as well as the first one.


The Challenger Disaster

The Challenger Disaster

The Challenger Disaster is a 2013 TV movie about Richard Feynman’s investigation into the 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. The film, co-produced by BBC, the Science Channel, and the Open University, first aired on the BBC2 channel, later on finding its way onto YouTube. You know the plot - it’s an attempt to expose the cause of this horrific disaster, and it is nice educational material for those not in the know of this event. Report


Police Story: Lockdown

Police Story: Lockdown

Police Story: Lockdown (also known as Police Story 2013) is a 2013 Chinese-Hong Kong action crime thriller film starring Jackie Chan. And it isn’t a solitary movie in the Police Story series - it’s actually the sixth installment and a way darker one than its comedic predecessors. And, although a critical flop, Police Story: Lockdown is still a highly entertaining movie full of thrilling action sequences and awesome stunts by Jackie Chan. Report


A Little Bit Of Heaven

A Little Bit Of Heaven

A Little Bit Of Heaven is a 2011 American rom-com starring Kate Hudson and the charming Gael Garcia Bernal. Yes, of course, it follows every cliche and every trope imaginable, and of course, there’s the will-they-won’t-they tease and a girl who’s suffering from a terminal disease. But hey, who doesn’t love a soapy, feel-good movie where the plot is very familiar, restraining itself from any huge surprises? If so, check out A Little Bit Of Heaven free on YouTube for a cozy, cheesy evening. Report


Wish Upon A Star

Wish Upon A Star

Wish Upon A Star is a 1996 television movie starring Katherine Heigl and Danielle Harris. The two are teenage sisters in Wish Upon A Star, and by, you know, wishing upon a star, they magically swap bodies. Once they realize they are stuck this way, an educational presentation begins as it turns out that it is both hard to be the smart kid and the popular one in high school and that everyone should be more respectful of each other. Finally, the girls swap back, and it all ends even better than promised. And, indeed, while the premise of a body swap is explored in various movies, this one isn’t bad at all! Report

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I saw this on the Disney channel when I was a kid


Bridge Of Dragons

Bridge Of Dragons

Bridge Of Dragons is a 1999 American romantic action movie starring the grandmaster of action films, Dolph Lundgren. Here he’s a cold and merciless mercenary Warchild, working for a tyrant overlord Ruechang. He’s planning on overtaking an unnamed country by marrying Princess Halo, but lo and behold, she finds out that Ruechang killed her father and escapes. Now, Warchild is the one to bring Halo back, but wouldn’t you know it, they fall in love! And with the power of love comes the end to Ruechang’s reign. It’s very cool to watch Dolph Lundgren doing what he’s best at, so if you love old-school action movies, this one will hit the bullseye. Report


The Beauty Inside

The Beauty Inside

The Beauty Inside is a 2015 South Korean romantic comedy based on a 2012 American social film of the same name. It follows the story of Woo-jin, an eighteen-year-old man who wakes up each morning with a different face and body that is not his own and lives as a different person each day. Sometime later, he falls hard for a lady, but is not willing to reveal his secret to her. However, you know how that goes - she figures it out by accident, and Woo-jin, not wishing to complicate her life, disappears. She then understands that it isn’t the physical appearance of Woo-jin that she’s in love with, finds him, and there’s definitely a happy ending. It’s a satisfying watch with a very nice touch of that magical realism! Report




WarGames is a 1983 American Cold War sci-fi techno-thriller (a mouthful, isn’t it?) film starring Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy. Here Matthew Broderick is David, a teenage hacker who unintentionally breaches the security of a United States military supercomputer. This thingamajig is programmed to simulate, predict, and execute nuclear war against the Soviet Union. WarGames got its praises for being one of the most inventive and suspenseful Cold War movies of the decade, garnering a wide following of the younger audiences. Mainly because it is a highly entertaining story, and all the adults in the movie are basically boobs. Report


Borrowed Hearts

Borrowed Hearts

Borrowed Hearts (also known as Borrowed Hearts: A Holiday Romance) is a 1997 American-Canadian television Christmas drama movie starring Roma Downey and Eric McCormack. The plot itself is somewhat similar to that of Dickens’ Christmas Carol - a cynical bachelor finds his heart and love in it through various show-and-tell life lessons. And while the movie itself is on the shallower side, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s a familiar story shown through great acting, engaging script, and some very decent humor. Report


Remember The Daze

Remember The Daze

Remember the Daze, also known as The Beautiful Ordinary, is a 2007 drama film. The movie gives a glimpse into suburban teenagers’ life in 1999, taking the space of 24 hours on the day of their high school graduation. There’s a big party, of course, some illegal substances, and a fight for love - you know, the usual things of rowdy adolescent years. It’s a fun and entertaining movie without much substance, so perfect for when you need to air out your brains a bit. Report




Meatballs is a 1979 Canadian comedy film by Ivan Reitman (who later gave us the gift of Ghostbusters) featuring Bill Murray’s first movie appearance in a starring role. The movie’s summer camp setting, an underdog’s story, romance, and a healthy rivalry between the wealthy and the not-so, supplied this movie with very entertaining plot lines, and Murray’s unabashedly awesome performance elevated it all even more. Also, this might be the only movie where you see Murray portraying a genuinely sweet guy and that in itself is a feat we wouldn’t miss. Report


The Prodigy

The Prodigy

The Prodigy is a 2019 horror film starring Taylor Schilling, and if her name sounds familiar, she’s famous for her role as Piper in Orange Is The New Black. The story centers around Miles, an eight-year-old prodigy boy who’s wise and intelligent beyond his years. Soon, Miles starts to show violent behavior, of which he has no memories, talking gibberish in his sleep, and then there’s the dismembered family dog. Naturally, Miles’s mother starts to suspect that he’s possessed, and a paranormal investigation begins. And while The Prodigy got praised for stellar acting performances and its gloomy atmosphere, if you’re a die-hard horror movie fan, this one won’t show you anything genuinely new. Report

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Does it... does it also feature the type of soundtrack I'm hoping it does? ♡




Hackers is a 1995 American crime movie starring Angelina Jolie. The movie centers around a group of high school hackers that are involved in a conspiracy considering a massive corporate extortion case. It was an interesting premise for the time as in the mid-90s, the internet was still largely unfamiliar to the general public; thus, Hackers tried to provide a sort of a glimpse into the future. It was also one of the first movies to show a mesh of hacker and cyberpunk subcultures to a wide audience. And, although the movie was ultimately a box office flop, it later gained the status of a cult classic. Report

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When Angelina was still natural and a sight for sore eyes ;)

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The Snow Walker

The Snow Walker

The Snow Walker is a 2003 Canadian survival drama film starring Barry Pepper (you might remember him as Private Daniel Jackson from Saving Private Ryan) and Annabella Piugattuk. The movie is based on a short story by Farley Mowat called Walk Well, My Brother and follows the story of a Canadian bush pilot and a young Inuk woman. Following an aircraft crash, the pilot is stranded in the Canadian Northwest Territories, and his encounter with the said woman encourages the two to brave the harsh conditions in an attempt to survive. The Snow Walker is a genuinely intriguing movie, elevated by Pepper’s performance and the natural talents of Annabella, who had no previous acting experience. Report


The Story Of Luke

The Story Of Luke

The Story Of Luke is a 2012 American comedy-drama film and the first feature film of writer and director Alonso Mayo. Here Lou Taylor Pucci is Luke, a young man with autism who sets out to find a job and a girlfriend. And, although such a premise could go very wrong, thanks to Pucci’s insightful acting and Mayo’s thoughtful directing, the movie was praised not only by critics but also by the autism community. The Story Of Luke is an uplifting and encouraging movie and an overall great watch. Report


17 Miracles

17 Miracles

17 Miracles is a 2011 adventure movie directed by T. C. Christensen, who is known for his films related to the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Thus, 17 Miracles is also a religious-themed movie following the story of Mormon pioneers on their late autumn and, subsequently, winter journey to Salt Lake City in 1856. It focuses on the miracles experienced by the group’s members throughout their journey, and it is all based on a true story. The movie itself is made out of a series of vignettes with recurring characters; some might like this style while others might find it wearying. However, even if you are not really into religious stories or vignettes, you’ll nevertheless be awed by 17 Miracles’ striking cinematography. Report


Empire Of Assassins

Empire Of Assassins Report



Preservation Report

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There's no point in making this list so long when the majority of entries don't include synopses.


Out Of The Dark

Out Of The Dark Report


Kung-Fu Master

Kung-Fu Master

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The Last Keepers

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A Girl Like Grace

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Inuyasha The Movie 4: Fire On The Mystic Island

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All Dogs Go To Heaven

All Dogs Go To Heaven Report


Super Size Me

Super Size Me Report


Dead Space: Downfall

Dead Space: Downfall Report


Inuyasha The Movie: Affections Touching Across Time

Inuyasha The Movie: Affections Touching Across Time Report


Inuyasha The Movie 2: The Castle Beyond The Looking Glass

Inuyasha The Movie 2: The Castle Beyond The Looking Glass Report


The Crater Lake Monster

The Crater Lake Monster Report


A Street Cat Named Bob

A Street Cat Named Bob Report


Blue Demon

Blue Demon Report


Inuyasha The Movie 3: Swords Of An Honorable Ruler

Inuyasha The Movie 3: Swords Of An Honorable Ruler Report


Street Fighter Alpha: Generations

Street Fighter Alpha: Generations Report



Razortooth Report



Lavalantula Report



Shaolin Report


Atlas Shrugged: Part I

Atlas Shrugged: Part I Report


Memories Of The Sword

Memories Of The Sword Report


The Final Inquiry

The Final Inquiry Report


With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story

With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story Report


It Waits

It Waits Report



Venomous Report


War Of The Arrows

War Of The Arrows Report


Direct Action

Direct Action Report


Snow Queen

Snow Queen Report


Jurassic City

Jurassic City Report


Over The Top

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The Fallen Ones

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The Return Of Swamp Thing

The Return Of Swamp Thing Report


Man From Shaolin

Man From Shaolin Report


Fist Of The Warrior

Fist Of The Warrior Report



Khumba Report


Journey To The Christmas Star

Journey To The Christmas Star Report


Interview With A Hitman

Interview With A Hitman Report


Mongolian Death Worm

Mongolian Death Worm Report


Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward Report


Goodbye World

Goodbye World Report


The Lazarus Effect

The Lazarus Effect Report


I Am Dragon

I Am Dragon Report


Brotherhood Of Blades

Brotherhood Of Blades Report


The Legend Of Bruce Lee

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Requiem For The American Dream

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2036 Origin Unknown

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Happily Ever After

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Blue World Order

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The Mimic

The Mimic Report


Contract Killers

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Bob Marley: Roots Of The Man

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The Remains

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The Good Neighbor

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The Kick

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Beyond Sherwood Forest

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Grey Owl

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First Born

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