Remember when we wrote about how people just assume that artists should work for exposure? Well, turns out some people assume the same about programmers.

Recently, Zach Zundel was asked to do coding/backend work for free and he was not happy about it. “Lmao sorry friendaloo but if you want me to write you a couple thousand lines of code you get to profit from forever it’s gonna cost you,” Zach tweeted. In fact, not only was he asked to do ~40 hours of work for free, but the person asking for his work got angry when Zach didn’t agree! Zach posted his conversation on Twitter and it has gone viral since, with over 15k retweets and 48k likes. Check it out below!

More info: Twitter

This programmer just got an interesting request to develop an app:

He posted the conversation on Twitter where it’s since been retweeted almost 16k times and liked by 48k people

However, the person who tried to get a programmer work for free was clearly not impressed by the exposure

Most people were quick to praise the programmer

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