This story starts off sad, but it ends just like the inspiring holiday story we all need right now. A while back, I became friends with Connor Jackson who filmed the documentary Klatki and uncovered the cruelty of fur farming in Poland, and I met with local Polish animal protectors. What I saw in that film still haunts me. But recently my Polish friends went back to a fur farm and met a young fox. And it is the heartwarming story of that little fox I want you to see.

More info:

This autumn we found a little arctic fox on a regular Polish fur farm

Locked in a dirty cage, he was alone and in pain, in the smells of excrement and rotting flesh

He was hungry and the small wire cage hurt his feet

He was just another baby fox, one of the dozens cramped in rusty cages

Fox Saved From A Fur Farm Celebrates Its First Christmas Out Of Tiny Cage

He was very scared of us

But when we rescued him, his life changed forever

He was in very poor health

So we gave him the medical treatment he needed

And we gave him a name: Maciek, a Polish name for a Polish fox

Maciek recovered in a safe, roomy space with one of his rescuers

He slowly adjusted to his new life

He gets delicious and nutritious snacks — he enjoys pumpkin just like us!

Maciek has a favorite toy

And now he has a friend teaching him how to play!

The fox and the hound feel safe in each other’s company

This year Maciek celebrates his very first Christmas outside a fur farm, he could not be happier!

Fox Saved From A Fur Farm Celebrates Its First Christmas Out Of Tiny Cage

But this is not a Christmas miracle. This happened because caring people worked hard to investigate farms and because animal friends like you support that work

Now we are close to banning fur!

Millions of nameless individuals like Maciek are still living and dying in barbaric conditions

You can donate here to help save more foxes!