Unfortunately, stories about abandoned and unwanted dogs have become daily news, with heartbreaking reports showing up more often than we’d like. All we can hope for is a happy ending for every single pup out there that’s been through hell and heartbreak. Imgur user ilikeduckies recently shared quite a positive story about finding a dog however the happy ending is still yet to come.

Yesterday, the woman shared a story about how she and her boyfriend found a lost pup in the middle of nowhere. They spent hours trying to befriend the poor pooch. “She was very scared and very skinny, and she didn’t have any tags” the woman recalled. After a while, they managed to befriend the pup which they named Blueberry (or shortly, Blue) and she quickly turned into the sweetest dog ever. But the battle wasn’t over yet as the woman reported that her boyfriend’s opinion differed greatly from hers. Scroll down to read the full story and find out what happened!

Yesterday, a woman shared a story how she and boyfriend found an abandoned pup

“First she laid her head in my lap and started dozing off” the woman recalled

“She has such a pretty face” she said

“Halfway through the drive, she lodged her head between my seat and the transmission tunnel/center console and fell asleep”