Devils are usually alive in fairytales and children fantasies. Now it‘s possible not only to see a devil in a book, but also to become one in a short movie’s „Beat your morning devil” party in Vilnius.

„Beat your morning devil“ movie title reveals that it‘s based on morning devils. These characters appear as selfish and irresponsible part of responsible and goal oriented character. Lazy devils hit snooze button, cool characters room, glue eyes and do everything that makes people late for work. Director of the film says that we confront our devils not only in the morning, but in many other situations whenever we are lacking of will power, i.e. you may know that it‘s not good to eat before sleep, but your devilish side share another opinion… At first sight morning devil portrait may look as a scary evil character, but in movie they appear to be crazy, funny and creative characters. Movie director says that if you want to actually beat your morning devil, you must know your enemy. One of the easiest ways to do that is becoming a devil for a day.

At the moment, there is one of three pieces of movie and creators offer original prizes for supporters if they help to finish this idea. Everyone can get a unique t-shirt with own devil portrait or cards with advises how to beat your morning devil and much more. The main prize is waiting for the bravest – a trip to the party of devils, where supporter will have a body paint of so called „morning devil“, a memorable photo shoot and a party devilish party with characters of the movie.