I am an international urban photographer. Since 2012, I have been documenting street art and graffiti all across the globe. My unique captures can be seen on my blog TOKIDOKI (Nomad) https://jacquelinemhadel.com and in my five books.

But, enough about that. What I’m sharing here is something I publish once a week in tandem with political activist Amy Siskind’s ‘Weekly List’ that she shares in order to wake people up to the subtle changes that are occurring in our country and our world, on a daily basis. The fear is that we are frogs slowly acclimating to the boiling water of authoritarianism and we need to jump out (Resist) before it’s too late!

I’ve been reading her list since Week 1, and at the time, I really believed the nightmare would be over by about week 23 or something, and that my weekly post would end. But, it hasn’t. I decided to do what I do best ~document the resistance art that is prevalent on the streets~ and share it along with her list in hopes that an even bigger audience can be reached.

The streets are talking, people. You just have to look.

More info: jacquelinemhadel.com

Drama Queen by NYC Hooker in Queens, NY

Disobey by Plastic Jesus in Los Angeles, CA

Dump Trump by Hanksy in New York City

Trollump and the Ring by London-based artist Fanakapan in Soho, NYC

Make America Hate Again by Unknown Artist

Loser by Unknown Artist

SAD! Unknown Artist in New York City

Stop Trump by Unkown Artist in Soho, NYC

Racist Landlord sticker in New York City

Aim High or Pee Here by New Jersey-based artist Dino Gravato in Soho, NYC

(Please!) DO BETTER by Unknown Artist in New York City

Dump sticker by Unknown Artist in Alphabet City in New York City