How many chocolate chip cookies do you need to fill you up? Me, I don’t get out of bed without a package. ‘Cause when it comes to putting food in your mouth, how much doesn’t count as long as it tastes good. But imagine what a favor we’d be doing our bodies simply by starting to listen to what they say. And it doesn’t take a whole lot.

Swapping food for healthier alternatives is the way to go, and we present you some of the most easy-to-understand healthy charts that speak numbers and quantities. Take notes, everyone—we are about to build a better snack menu no one will ever feel guilty for.

Scroll down below for Bored Panda’s interview with Graeme Tomlinson, the man behind the widely popular Instagram account The Fitness Chef known for myth-busting nutrition infographics about making wise food choices.

Many people on social media have found the Fitness Chef infographics useful when looking for healthier alternatives in their everyday food choices.

Graeme told us that most calorie-dense foods have their lower calorie alternatives. “These are an excellent opportunity to continue eating a food you enjoy, but which also supports a fat loss goal, because to lose fat, you must consume fewer calories than you expend.” In other words, you need to get to the calorie deficit.

On the other hand, Graeme assures readers that you don’t need to ban sugar or carbs from your diet, because “there is no evidence to suggest they individually make you fat.”

The fitness chef said that you need to “work out an enjoyable way to include them in moderation alongside nutritious food.”

Many of us do make mistakes with our food choices simply because we don’t fully understand the nutritional components of that food. “For example,” Graeme explained, “for someone trying to lose weight, believing that eating any amount of nutritious, calorie-dense foods like nuts or oily fish is ok just because they support some aspects of health may be problematic if it means they are no longer in a calorie deficit.”

Graeme believes that virtually any food can be eaten, but “we need to understand our overall diet over time.” Since there’s so much misinformation and confusion published online, his advice is “to follow those with the least extreme advice.”

For more advice, check out Graeme’s bestselling book “Eat What You Like & Lose Weight For Life” and his meal planner app.

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