This installation by Japanese artist Kohei Nawa called “Foam” gives us the opportunity to experience the unexperienceable. In his new work for the Aichi Triennale 2013, Nawa creates a well-known yet unbelievably magical landscape – a room full of clouds. Using nothing but foam, he filled the entire space with cloud-like mountains for visitors to wander about. According to artist himself, these ephemeral pillars of foam should recall “the landscape of a primordial planet”.

It took weeks for Nawa to figure out the special mixture of detergent, glycerin and water to create foam stiff enough to stand on its own. Nonetheless, these fluffy sculptures retain their ever-changing nature and can be easily manipulated into another shape: “The risen volumes of foam link together and reach saturation, but continue to swell, occasionally losing vitality and spreading out over the ground”,- said Nawa.

Even though the artist admits it took him hours of painstaking work to finish this installation, he doesn’t want it to seem that way to visitors: “We labored long and hard on this installation, but viewers should not get a sense of that effort from the finished work. They should just feel like they’re walking through clouds”,- said Nawa.