The peacock is the Kanye West of birds. After all, the beautiful birds do have over 200 colorful elongated feathers that attract not just their potential partners, but many people’s attention and cameras, too.

But there are so much more to these colorful birds than their beautiful trains. Did you know that the name ‘peacock’ is only used for the male birds? Females are named peahens and their little ones – peachicks. Also, peacock feathers get their iridescent colors because the plumage is covered with tiny crystal-like structures, that reflect different wavelengths of light, thus creating the astonishing colorations. And to answer the pressing question, can peacocks fly – indeed, they can! The reason why you won’t see a flying peacock that often is because peacocks do that in case of danger, rather than pleasure. When predators appear, birds start running and flutter into the air. Surprisingly, the long feathers don’t affect their take-offs. The distance might be limited, but they can speed up to 16 km/h (10 mph)! And a peacock flying is undoubtedly a beautiful sight.

You can see the most stylish party in the pictures below!

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