Elzbieta Wodala is an incredibly talented artist from Wroclaw, Poland, who has created over 250 beautiful works of art by gluing various dried plant parts into elegant figures. She calls her natural creations Florotypes.

“I have been pursuing my passion for 9 years now and I have  developed my own  style now, full of womanly delicacy (I use more details and I love to use flower petals), peacefulness and optimism,” said Wodala.

“Making artistic leaf compositions is not very demanding technically,” explained Wodala. “I collect plants everywhere, such as in parks, gardens, forests, meadows. I also use flowers I’ve received. I dry them at least half a year, usually between pages of old books.”

She says her great admiration for the gifts of Nature drives her imagination and creativity. “I do not think that someone who does not love plants could successfully create compositions of leaves and petals,” said Wodala.

Source: elzbietawodala_florotypie.republika.pl | Facebook