A 9-to-5 day can be tough on many of us, causing tons of stress. Especially if the boss is a douchebag, coworkers are pinheads, and you just can’t get a break at home. If that is your case, forget coffee – you need a flask tie! For only 25$ you can find a blessing in disguise, literally. The flask tie is actually a flask masked as a tie (as the title suggests). It hides a pouch that can carry up to half a pint of happy juice of your choice. The flask features a mouthpiece so when you casually try to “fix your knot” you can sneakily enjoy a sip or two of your preferred giggle water.

The flask tie comes in a variety of colors and patterns, so now you can also be fashionable – James Bond kind of fashionable. And yeah, tipsy, too.

Website: flasktie.co