Healthy looks different on everybody. What works for one person may not work for another, and ultimately, there's no set of rules which will guarantee immaculate health and a fit body. However, certain health and fitness tips have been time-tested and proven reliable and beneficial.

Nevertheless, when trying to apply any fitness tips in one's routine, whether nutrition or workout-related, it's essential to evaluate how sustainable they are in the long run. Ultimately, it's the established habits and consistency which bring the results. When approaching fit tips or health tips in general, one must really face why the shift in their habits is required. Thus, not only storing good tips and advice but also the whys and the wherefores in one's head will ultimately pave the road to success.

Below, we've compiled a list of fitness tips for life. Take into account that no fitness tip is universal and what might work for one may not work for another. And remember, one good habit leads to another! Do you have any tips for fitness that improved your life? Share them in the comments! And if you are looking for even more motivational content, check out our posts featuring fitness quotes and kick-ass gym quotes!


Do exercises that you enjoy.

It's easier to stick to them this way.


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I wish I could find exercise that I enjoy.


Cook at home as much as you can.

You'll be able to pick the ingredients and evaluate the nutritional value of your meals. Plus, it saves money!



Aim for at least 150 minutes of exercise per week. Report


Try to avoid eating at your work desk.

With more and more people working remotely, consuming your meals in a designated space (dining room, kitchen, cafeteria, etc.), not your desk, is very important. Eating and working simultaneously takes away one's focus from consuming food. Also, eating your meal at your desk may be less satisfying and rushed, and you'll probably want more soon after. Report

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Isn't this the same idea as "Don't eat while watching TV" or "Don't eat while doing anything else?" Pay attention to what you're eating while you're eating it.


Set perfectionism aside.

Set small goals and work towards them.



Find different ways to measure success than just stepping on a scale.

For example, notice how you feel after a run, walk, and so on. Report


Make movement a part of your daily life.


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Get a dog! It's a great excuse for walking every day


Keep alcohol to a minimum.

Liquid calories add up fast, so be mindful.


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And that's why I love vodka - it has fewer calories, so I can drink as much as I want!

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Don't go to parties on an empty stomach.

You are unlikely to find chicken with rice and veggies at the party. Also, drinking on an empty stomach is not only unhealthy but may also result in a terrible hangover, which often provokes cravings for unhealthy foods the next day.



Include strength training into your workout. Report


Take rest days.

Rest days help prevent injury and allow the body to heal and recover. Report


Have healthy snacks nearby.

When you get snack cravings, it's better to have healthier options prepared.



Workout together with someone.

Researchers say working out together with other people is linked to lower levels of stress and better quality of life.

Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health Report


Show off your results.

Celebrating little victories fosters feelings of happiness and pride. This encourages perseverance in pursuing the following baby steps and, ultimately, the main goal. Report


Consider purchasing a reusable water bottle to carry around.



Cut coffee calories.

Katherine Zeratsky Report


Work out in the morning.

While it doesn't matter when you work out, you're more likely to make up excuses to skip exercising later in the day. Report


Reward yourself.

Watch a TV show, get a massage or a nice bath. Report


Don't be too hard on yourself. Report


Commit to working out and don't start and then stop.

Start off slow and have goals to work towards. Report


Create smaller, measurable goals you can check off regularly.

You'll keep your motivation in check this way. Report


If you're working a job in which you have to sit for a long time, consider purchasing a standing desk or standing up for about 15 minutes every hour. Report


Approach each day as a clean slate.

If you fell short of your goals the day before, there is always the next day. No need to drop the goals all together.



Stop comparing yourself to others.



Listen to motivating music.

Music can significantly influence your moods and motivation, so having motivating music while working out can help you push yourself through the workout and actually have fun throughout. Report


Warm-up is essential to avoid injuries.



Workout outdoors.

Connecting with mother nature can make you feel a lot better and achieve better results. Report


Be careful about fitness influencers selling a "quick fix."

Losing weight takes time, effort, and hard work, and there is no such thing as a quick fix. Weight-loss pills, "skinny" teas, body wraps, creams, and patches promoting weight loss are SCAMS.



Schedule your workout as if they were appointments.

Treat them as such too.



Be patient. Report


Beware of your stress-eating triggers. Report


If you're training for endurance, prepare yourself.

This form of training is very demanding on your body, so make sure you're eating well and are hydrated. Report


Eat a variety of vegetables, as close to their natural state as possible. Report


Drink a lot of water. Report


Eat smaller portions.

Portion size is important when working out for your weight. Report


If you're feeling down on motivation, try shopping for new exercise gear. Report


Eat slowly.

It will keep you from over-eating. Report


Put your health and fitness at the top of your priority list. Report


Don't skip more than one workout.

Not all workouts have to be of high intensity (they shouldn't!), but consistency is key. Report


Eat mindfully.

Pay attention if you really want to eat or is it just stress eating. Report


Don't overeat. Report

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Make a list of things that irritate you.

Maybe you'll be able to solve some of them, keeping your mind free to focus on fitness. Report


Push your limits.

Pushing your limits doesn't mean upping your weights every single workout. However, working within the confines of what you already can do is no road to progress. Report


If you want to lose weight, burn more calories than you eat.

From a biological perspective, losing weight is all about “calories in versus calories out.” Report

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Not as easy as it sounds. Fitness is simple, but not easy.


Get enough sleep.

According to a study, those who get less than 8 hours of sleep each night are 70% more likely to sustain an injury than people who get more than 8 hours. Report


Use proper footwear.

Comfortable footwear can significantly improve your working out experience. Report


Be consistent with your workouts.

It's the key to seeing the results of your work.



Stretch after a workout.

Stretching is essential to keep muscles strong, flexible, and healthy. Without it, the muscles shorten and tighten and may become weak and unable to fully extend during your next workout. Report


If the commute is too much of a hassle, work out from home.



If you have a hectic schedule, prepare your meals and snacks beforehand.



Don't start with heavy weights. Slowly work your way up. Report

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Work out according to your goals.

If you want to get big, consider throttling back on your cardio. Cardio might burn too many calories if your goal is to gain mass. Report


Track your progress with photos.

It might not look like it every day, but you're making progress. Take pictures weekly, and you'll be able to see the difference. Report


Find a workout buddy.

Not only is it nice to have company, but exercising together with someone can be a great motivational tool. Report


Use aerobic stepper to step up strength training.

Incorporating a stepper into a strength workout can make it more challenging without increasing the weights. Report


Avoid eating processed foods. Report


Follow the 80/20 rule and try to eat healthy 80% of the time. Report


Set feasible rules for yourself.

Be it diet rules, exercise, or any other rules, make sure they are feasible, and you will be able to stick to them.



Try out a foam roller to relieve tight muscles and achy joints. Report


Track your calories.

Intuitive eating doesn't work for everyone. People tend to underestimate the calories they consume, so keeping track of your intake can help you better monitor it. However, let it turn into an obsession.



Try a fitness app.

It can help you keep track of your progress.


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Try not to get stuck in the same routine.

They say that old ways won't open new doors. Getting past the plateau often requires switching up your routine. No drastic changes are necessary but just enough to push you out of your comfort zone. Report


Check the serving sizes.

Often the written calorie amount is that of a specific serving size, so if you're eating twice the serving size, you're consuming twice the calories. Report


Consider a fitness tracker to track your progress. Report


Understand the basics of building and training muscles.

Speak to a professional or do your own research online and educate yourself on the topic. Report


Work the full range of motion.

Don't take any shortcuts. Report


If your goal is to improve your strength, research the basics and understand them. Report


Tame your sweet tooth.

People who consume less sugar end up with more sustainable weights. When you crave something sweet, think "fruit first."

Roberto Ordoñez-Araque, Byron Revelo-Vizuete Report


Keep a fitness journal. Report


Find the reason why you want to get healthy and fit.



Track your workouts.

Mark the days when you're working out, and you'll be able to repeat the week that worked for you the best. Report

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Drink tea.

Among many other health benefits, it can also help with digestion.

American Chemical Society Report


Make a list of habits you'd like to start and which to give up.



Read the success stories of others.

It can be a great way to motivate yourself to achieve your own goals. Report


Try out circuit training.

You don't have to worry about becoming bored when you practice circuit training. Circuit training raises your heart rate while simultaneously making your muscles stronger. Report


Follow your favourite fitness gurus to keep motivated and inspired.



Plan ahead.

Use Sundays as a "getting ready" day for the week. Get groceries for healthy meals, snacks and other things you might need for the week ahead.



Use marathons as motivation.

Commit to training for a specific marathon. Report


Make frozen fruit smoothies.

Smoothies are great if you are in a rush or on the go. While relying on "liquid" calories is generally avoided, smoothies can be a perfect quick snack.



Use sunscreen if you're working out outdoors. Report