I was going to write an excellent introduction to this article, but my fingers hurt from eating too much sushi with chopsticks. Statements like these are a hallmark of the first world problems meme, which features the complaints of entitled and funny people complaining about everyday problems. Now the Middle Class Problems Twitter account has taken to re-tweeting real-life ‘everything sucks’ comments from people who have had it up to here with their iPhones, house cleaners and grass-fed organic fair-trade hot dogs. Their up keepers are late, their massages are all wrong, their bechamel is runny, their life sucks, and they‘re not going to take the injustice anymore.

Some of us love to hate the 1st world problems meme because they’re an example of the first world’s decadence and sense of entitlement. Some of us like them because we sometimes find ourselves guilty of complaining about the same inconsequential problems. Whatever’s the case for you, we’re sure that you will enjoy reading these funny memes from people struggling with the difficulties and stresses of first-world life.

Source: @middleclassprob