Boys don’t cry, right? Wrong, obviously. Although studies do show that women cry much more frequently than men for a variety of biological, social and cultural reasons.

According to a study carried out in the Netherlands, the average frequency of males crying is between 0.5 and 1.5 times a month. This might seem surprisingly high to some people, who may never have seen a male friend, spouse or relative shed a tear.

Some circumstances seem more culturally acceptable than others, in Western countries at least, for guys to let it all out. Watching Titanic? Keep that quivering lip under control, buddy. Football team winning the league for the first time ever? Go ahead and sob your eyes out! Of course becoming a father brings a whole new plethora of emotions to the table, the miracle of childbirth and watching your cherished progeny flourish can be enough to bring even the coldest of men to tears.

No matter your opinion on the matter, there are many people who just prefer to remain stoic and keep their emotions to themselves. Take this father for example. His child, now grown up, couldn’t remember ever seeing him cry. When asked, he gave a surprisingly emotional and poignant response, outlined in the beautiful little short story below.

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This is Han, he decided to share a story about the only time he saw his dad crying

His story inspired others to share their recollections of teared up dads

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