According to Google’s search trends, the phrase moms are the best is a more common search term than its dad counterpart, which only overtakes mom searches during June when it’s Father’s Day.

However, despite the lesser popularity of the phrase, it doesn’t negate the fact that dads go to the same lengths that moms do when it comes to parenting. History is full of great dads, like that one dad who “posed” napping for his kids to draw as part of him watching them, or that one other dad who became his daughter’s Tom and Jerry cartoon, making it more entertaining for her.

Well, the dad we’ll be talking about today is no exception.

A plane was running late and a dad onboard had to go attend a father-daughter dance right after the flight

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Mike Good, a father from Davidson, North Carolina, was flying from Nashville to Charlotte on a Thursday afternoon to attend a father-daughter dance with his two twin daughters.

The flight was delayed due to poor weather conditions, and he suddenly realized that he would be running late. What was worse, he was sitting at the back of the plane, meaning that he’d be the last to get off.

This is never good for a dad who has two daughters counting on him to be there for an event that means the whole world to them.

What was worse, he was sitting at the very end of the flight, meaning he’d get off the last

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Lucky for Mike, he had struck up a conversation with one of the flight attendants earlier, casually mentioning that he was on his way to a father-daughter dance, to which he might end up being late, or even worse—not making it at all. The flight attendant took note and decided to help him out.

When the plane landed, the attendant took the opportunity to make an announcement about how Mike needed to be elsewhere really fast, kindly asking everyone to remain seated and to let Mike get off first.

People were on board with this idea and started cheering him on and clapping as he rushed down the aisle to make it in time for his big dance date with his two lovely daughters. As he was running, he thanked everyone for their generosity and wished them a happy Valentine’s Day.

But a flight attendant made an announcement asking everyone to remain seated and to let the dad get off first

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A writer by the name of Jenny Hale, who was incidentally on the same flight, posted about this on Twitter, where it went viral.

Later, Mike replied to the tweet with a screen capture of how he made it, despite being 50 minutes late to the show. If not for the awesome American Air flight attendant, he might not have made it in time.

In an interview with WZZM, he said this: “It was a really amazing [and] special moment, all my thanks are to the flight attendant and everyone on board that was supportive. With all the negative stuff surrounding flights these days, it was just really cool to be part of something like this. Something I won’t forget.”

A tweet about this story surfaced and went viral, with the dad later replying to it and saying he made it

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