You’re at the Museum of Modern Art, and in broad daylight you get lost in Van Gogh’s Starry Night. You spend hours at the Musée Du Louvre trying to figure out Mona Lisa’s enigmatic smile. It would have been perfect if only you could have shared those moments with one family member: Your dog.

Research has confirmed that a dog’s color-receptor cells may not be as evolved as ours, but dogs actually enjoy color imagery. Unfortunately, dogs (except service animals) are not permitted into art museums and may never get a chance to view or appreciate fine art. That’s until now. Francis Cleetus, a painter, cartoonist and graphic designer from Pittsburgh, PA, is making sure art goes to the dogs, literally. He has created a unique collection of fine photo art that lets you turn your home into your pooch’s private art gallery. Maybe you should just skip the wine and cheese.

Every piece of art in the collection is conceived from a dog’s perspective of the world. Whether it’s a larger than life dog portrait; a fire hydrant centric scenery; an inviting dog food still life or just a rendering of a chewed-up ball. Each artwork is then printed on rich poly-cotton canvas with high quality inks and gallery wrapped by hand with care. After all, your discerning best friend deserves nothing less.

“It’s an unusual art collection, that appeals to your dog and also reflects your good taste. It’s fine art that hangs on a wall, but at your dog’s-eye level!” Francis described his work. So, whether you’re the parent of a German Shepherd, a Labrador Retriever, or a Portuguese Water Dog (Sasha and Malia, have you found yet?), you’ll always find pieces that are perfect for you and your dog.

More info:

The artist with Mowgli and his favorite landmark

Tesla and Olaf taking in their private art gallery

Simba and Mika admiring portraits of their buddies

Mowgli coming face to face with his portrait for the first time