Mental health disorders can be hard to measure, diagnose and recover from. Unlike when you break your arm, you can't get detailed X-rays of someone's pain or determine that they are completely 'healed.' There are conditions that make people at a higher risk of attempting suicide, such as depression, but it can happen to anyone. In 2017, there were an estimated 1,400,000 suicide attempts in the U.S and 47,173 Americans died by suicide.

Attempting suicide once puts someone at higher risk for doing it again, but on this Bored Panda list, you will see photos from people who found happiness after surviving their attempt. One important way that an attempt survivor can reduce future suicidality is to attempt to change their perspective, and through their hopeful messages, you will see these people are on the right path. Scroll down below to see some inspiring survivors and upvote your favs.



My boyfriend and I met a year ago in a mental hospital after we had both attempted suicide. Today we're celebrating one year of not being dead

Insidious_Pie Report

Kimberly Young 2 months ago

Love the humor! Having someone who understands is a great way to cope.

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9 years ago I was suicidal and ready to die, now I’m my week old son’s favourite place to fall asleep.

Iwouldfucklolabunny Report

varwenea 2 months ago

Glad he lived, even thrived, and chose to further life via his son. If this isn't progress, I don't know what is.

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Two years ago I attempted suicide and was in the hospital for 5 months. The doctors told me I would stay in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. Today, I am riding a bike by the river during my visit to Japan

soowhatchathink Report

sunshine 2 months ago

I spent 12 years in a wheelchair + am now walking - miracles do happen! Congratulations on your recovery.

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I struggled for the past 7 years with depression, self-harm, and suicide attempts that put me into a mental institution multiple times. This last year I've greatly improved myself physically and mentally, and I just graduated and got my bachelor's degree. Never thought I'd live to see this point

crypticdarkness Report

varwenea 2 months ago

Congratulations!!! Very happy for you and your achievement.

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A year ago I was suicidal. Being trans is so difficult, and I thought there was no way I’d be able to pass not continue after being berated constantly for being trans. But here I am, happy as ever, working an amazing job, and now completely covered for surgery that I need. Stay motivated.

starryhyles21 Report

Foxxy 2 months ago

You are awesome and worthy.

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I was married to a man who wouldn't let me improve myself so I would stay weak. After a botched suicide, three years of hard work and a lot of therapy I ran my first race and placed 3rd!

feminineflips Report

Anne 2 months ago

Good to read you lost that jerk.

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Life after suicide attempt. Survivor of mental, physical, sexual and alcohol abuse and even after all that I found light at the end of the tunnel, so you can too

irene.npo Report

Meeow 2 months ago

Love the smile, stay strong!!

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Photo I took an hour ago and the other photo - 21 months ago, different that day. About 1 hour after that photo was taken I attempted suicide. Now why do I share my journey daily? Because I show that change is possible. Look at me hiding behind that smile 21 months ago

Bryz1 Report

Foxxy 2 months ago

You can see that in the first pick the smile isn’t a real genuine smile. It is so easy to try and pretend. The second image his smile is spread all over his face. Such a huge transformation.

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I never planned to make it to 18. I attempted suicide when I was 14, then 15, and then again at 17. But I’m here, I'm alive, I'm 18. This is the beginning of the rest of my life. This day is truly a celebration of my life. I'm so glad I'm alive

banditobri Report

Meeow 2 months ago

What a beautiful smile, keep it up and stay strong!!

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It's a powerful feeling when things come full circle in your life. 

Four years ago, a very broken me walked the bridge over I-90, every morning at 3 AM, ready to jump. Today a thriving new version of myself stood on that very bridge trying to remember that girl who'd gotten so hurt and lost. 

All I can say is, don't believe the lie 'it gets easier', because truth is, it doesn't. You get stronger, and eventually become a warrior, able to share your scars to be a light to someone else

ashleylaurensmusic Report

Foxxy 2 months ago

I don’t feel it gets easier, it just gets different. You can learn to adapt and find strategies to cope. But putting in the effort of those strategies takes real strength and can be exhaust8ng.

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After struggling my whole life with depression and suicide, I graduated high school, got married, got a baby, and joined the military all in one year

SF-Mike Report

Meeow 2 months ago

Congrats, more happiness will come thru your way, stay strong!

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A year ago today I suffered a spinal injury. I nearly died, I spent months paralyzed in bed, I’ve had my heart broken, I attempted suicide. Now look at me, one year on. I don’t just survive - I thrive. My God is good

sophjbutler Report

Foxxy 2 months ago

Your outlook is amazing.

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On the anniversary of my suicide attempt, I saw my all-time favorite band perform live. Life is amazing now and I have never been so happy to be alive

BabyBadger_ Report

varwenea 2 months ago

I read somewhere that "Music is the medicine to one's soul." Glad you have recovered and embraced life. Enjoy!!!

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Three years ago I attempted suicide because of my chronic depression and a traumatic experience. Now I'm about to graduate high school and as of yesterday I'm three years clean of self-harm

littlemermaidxx Report

Karen Dyer 2 months ago

A proud mile stone

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Anorexia recovery. Suicide survivor. I care because I know the hurt - and I share because I know the fight is worth it

jessithebuckeye Report

Foxxy 2 months ago

You are a fighter and have an amazing strength.

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I could've ended up as another number in the statistics of teen suicide. Today you'll rarely find me without a smile. You guys saved a life. Thank you

kingoftrashpandas Report

sunshine 2 months ago

Glad your mind was challenged + changed! 🌻

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A year and a half ago I spent my 16th birthday in a mental hospital on suicide watch. Now I’ve been accepted to college, have a wonderful girlfriend, a job I’m loving and can enjoy a Christmas with my family. I started living for what make me happy and not for what others said should make me happy

Is_thememe_deadyet Report

_ 2 months ago

Thank you for saying that in your post; I needed to hear that.

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One year ago today, I was in a coma after my third suicide attempt in three months. Today I’m with the love of my life who keeps me laughing through thick and thin, and I’m a year free of self-harm! It is wonderful to be alive

shmieve Report

Foxxy 2 months ago

So glad you have found someone special.

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Behind this smile there was pain, behind this degree there is a smile.

I'm suicide survivor, diagnosed with major anxiety and moderate depression. But I’m graduating with a 3.7 and a degree in psychology, this only the beginning

SwallowmyTee Report

Meeow 2 months ago

Congrats!!! More success coming your way. Stay strong!!

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At risk of sounding vapid, I'm happy at how genuinely content I look in these pictures from tonight. 3 weeks ago I was suicidal & depressed, today my friends got me outta bed and dressed up, smiling and confident for the first time in a long time.

yourelovely Report

Meeow 2 months ago

Your smile light up the whole room, thanks for your friend keep trying, if not we won't able to see it. Stay strong!

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After a long year of being suicidal, cheated on, and sexually assaulted, I was finally able to enjoy myself again on a family trip to Disneyland and make new friends. I didn't think it would, but it gets better.

broken_ginger Report

Foxxy 2 months ago

That is awesome, I wish you all the best.

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Today marks one year since I last attempted suicide and harmed myself. For the first time in a long time I’m happy to say that I’m still here. Nothing is perfect nor permanent and you can overcome any obstacle you face. Things do get better

AllisonMeitzen Report

sunshine 2 months ago

Just keep putting one foot in front of the other - you'll be surprised at how far you can grow! Good work.

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Struggled for years with depression and loneliness. 5 years ago I was convinced I was unlovable and attempted suicide. Now I’m mentally strong, optimistic and engaged to my best friend

PippaDippa1 Report

Kimberly Young 2 months ago

That's amazing! And truly a beautiful, joyful photo.

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4 years ago today I attempted suicide. Today I am 4 years clean from self harm. I am glowing. I am happy. I am loving. I am caring. I am ALIVE

uhmwellhey Report

Foxxy 2 months ago

You certainly look like you are glowing.

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I used to be very unhappy with my life, had a long rough period filled with anxiety and low self-esteem and suicidal thoughts, I hated myself and was about to end everything but I've managed to lose ~36kg (79 lbs), and my life started to change. I am so much happier now, I'm so glad I'm still alive!

ExplodingInsanity Report

sunshine 2 months ago

You've overcome a whole lot more than losing weight (which is no small battle in itself)!

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After beating suicide in just one year I graduated from university, launched my own company, bought my first house, found the 2 loves of my life, took myself on my first vacation, got engaged to my best friend.

rachelamandamay Report

Foxxy 2 months ago

That is awesome, be proud of what you have done.

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Both of us have suffered through depression, self-harm and attempted suicide at one point in our lives... So glad we made it through to be as happy as we are today

AnN13 Report

sunshine 2 months ago

And you've got amazing smiles! Keep up the great work.

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One thing you may not know about me is that I used to be in the United States AirForce! I was in for about one year before receiving a separation for medical related issues. It was one of the hardest times of my life, as I was battling suicide. In January I woke up in the hospital surprised I was alive. That was January, 2018. I was released in April, 2018. From there I had no place to live, nothing planned, not a lot of money saved up. And yet I found a place to live in a gated community, I found a job, and a beautiful, amazing girlfriend who I see myself spending my life with, and during this year of recovery... I FOUND MYSELF! And what I want to show you is that I want to help you Accomplish whatever your goals are or show you, that you can overcome anything with the right mindset, determination, and tools

highrthought Report

Foxxy 2 months ago

You are incredibly brave and strong.

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Lost my only real friend group and attempted suicide 4 times within the last few months, the last time ending with an infection that had me bedridden for a week. Got to pass my driver’s test today, have an awesome job working with children who are all now my friends! Smooth sailing ahead!

kaithechamp7 Report

sunshine 2 months ago

Kids will make you understand joy. Good job!

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Beginning of 2017- depressed and attempted suicide. This year’s been quite the whirlwind but I’m finally in a better place. End of 2017- mentally and physically stronger

pabbieglessner Report

Foxxy 2 months ago

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. You are proof of that.

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