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I Show Climate Change Solutions From Out Of This World
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Art2 years ago

I Show Climate Change Solutions From Out Of This World

It’s not just about climate change. It’s also about fame, dreaming, the human mind, human history, space, self-knowledge and redemption, both as an individual and as a species. The story is free to read and share and also aims to provide climate change solutions and awareness of what is considered by much of the world to be a crisis. Please check it out, get in touch with any tips, questions or comments, and of course share and like if you want to!

The acrylic paintings are a few examples of art pieces that accompany the story. The second, for example, “Last Chance” is a painting of a photo taken of a real-life streetside box of abandoned toys.

The tree shadow represents a sundial shadow to me, almost reaching the box of toys, which represents life on Earth in its various forms (and the machines we produce). The contents of this box is held together in a box titled “Long Life Vegetable Oil,” representing alternative energies. Symbolically, innovations around alternative energies are what will save millions from suffering in the long run (this isn’t a problem Superman, shown in the box, can solve).

The paintings tie into the story, some more directly than others. Some paintings will have hidden messages that are sometimes relevant to the plot. The first one, The Bee’s Knees, has one such message. Can anyone read what it says?

More info:

The bee’s knees

Last chance

Dragonfly dreams


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