A video has been released showing a proud ferret mamma determined to demonstrate her babies to her human – even if that meant grabbing his finger with her mouth and dragging his hand towards her newborns. Now the Internet is going crazy, with some people even commenting this was so sweet, it almost made them cry.

Ferret babies are called kits. They’re usually only around 2-2.5 inches long and are born with soft baby fuzz instead of fur.

Kits are born blind, deaf and without teeth. Their eyes and ears don’t open until they’re 4-5 weeks old. Ferret mums know the exact number of their babies and can tell if one is missing – that’s how good their maternal instinct is.

In the first few weeks, babies are totally dependent on their mom, but that’s okay, because in this case they have the best – and the proudest – momma ferret in the world.

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