Now and again women are forced to combat sexist stereotypes about their car knowledge. A recent study showed that 3 in 4 women do their own research on pricing and repairs before entering an automotive shop to make sure they receive fair prices.

But for those women who work in the ‘male-centric’ business, the challenge is even greater. Dealing with sexist comments, male clients’ distrust and second-guesses on a daily basis can be truly overwhelming.

So this great story comes from the redditor @Unlimitedpatience, who worked as the only licensed mechanic in a car dealership. The author is also a female and she would occasionally get issues with male customers who’d be very suspicious of her skills and abilities. But one customer was particularly unhappy with a woman fixing his car.

“Who is that chick? Is she going to be working on my car? I don’t want her working on my car,” the male told the advisor, who replied that in this case, he’d have to wait for quite a while. Let’s see how this whole story escalated below, and I’m telling you, karma has been served.

This woman who worked as the only licensed mechanic in a car dealership has recently shared a story of how a male customer refused to let her touch his car

Image credits: dragana991 (not the actual photo)

And this is what people had to comment on this whole incident