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Felt Witch Hats That I Make From Wool
User submission
Product Design6 years ago

Felt Witch Hats That I Make From Wool

My name is Kate Koprowski and my brand, HandiCraftKate, has become a collection of whimsical felted creations, and for me “handmade” means craftsmanship, uniqueness, and personality. Handmade items are special items. Most of all, handmade means sharing. The sharing of joy and creativity.

I use 100% real sheep wool sourced from companies that humanely treat their animals. I hand-block each hat, forming each curl and wrinkle individually. My hats are not knitted or crocheted or upcycled from wool clothing-I start from scratch every time and each piece takes about 3 days to complete fully. I always get asked how I started creating hats for such a nitch market, and basically my lifelong love of fantasy had a lovechild with my felting talent and out plopped Witch/Wizard Hats…Ta-da!

More info: Etsy

You can get these awesome hats on Etsy


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