These days, there are so many dogs who are probably thinking that their owners quit their jobs just to spend time with them. However, not all of them are this lucky. With dog daycares still being closed and social distancing rules in place, those who are going to work every day are facing a tough choice—to leave their four-legged companions home alone or bring them to work with them.

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These two adorable dachshunds, Chorizo and Cocoa, have become the cutest FedEx employees ever

Faced with this situation, a FedEx delivery guy, Daniel Nava, decided to bring his two sidekicks, Chorizo and Cocoa, to work. Turns out, not only do his dogs love it, but so do many people on the internet.

The puppies live with their owner since they were 8 weeks old. When asked how they got adopted, Nava said to Bored Panda: “We always wanted to adopt or rescue a Dachshund, but at the time we couldn’t find any in our area, then one day we found a puppy for sale and decided to just go ahead and get it. And we named him Chorizo. Coco came to us from a litter of one of my mother-in-law‘s friends, even though they are not direct siblings they love each other very much.”

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, 2.5 years old Chorizo and almost 2-year-old Cocoa spent time in dog daycare when their owner was at work.

After dog daycare closed, their owner, Daniel Nava, decided to bring them to work as his sidekicks to deliver packages

However, with the daycare closing to prevent the spread of the virus, the two pupperinos were left at home. At least up until their dad, Nava, figured out that he could try to bring them to his van and make deliveries together. “The first time I brought them with me was on Christmas Eve, I don’t remember why they didn’t go to doggy daycare that day but I decided to bring them with me on my deliveries. When their doggy daycare closed due to Covid-19 I started bringing them every day,” he told us.

Although he usually does his work alone, Nava’s supervisors didn’t seem to mind him being accompanied by two dutiful dachshunds. “My supervisor didn’t mind as long as we were all safe on the road. He was very understanding, especially under the current circumstances,” he said.

What’s more important, the dogs absolutely love the constant adventures their owner takes them on. “They enjoyed it, they loved seeing all the people and the people seemed to enjoy looking at them as well,” Nava said.

They have been on their best behavior on the route, so Nava decided to make them look more professional by sewing FedEx outfits for Chorizo and Cocoa, and they look great!

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