Miniature art made from feathers could sound hardly doable to most of us. But not to an American artist Chris Maynard, who should be called a feather “whisperer”. He  creates incredible art using feathers as his canvas. Maynard’s picture portfolio is called “Featherfolio” where he collects all of his feather art pieces. Since he creates from feathers, the most common theme in his works is related to birds.

What’s amazing about Chris’ work, is that it is so meticulous with all the accurate tiny details that sometimes it’s hard to believe how the feather dioramas could actually be made. For such a delicate matter Maynard uses tools like eye surgery scissors, forceps, scalpels, and magnifiers. Such instruments are needed to handle every little detail and to do it with precision. The artist only uses the feathers taken from private bird owners or zoos.

Website: Chris Maynard