They say there is no such thing as bad publicity. Well, this clothing brand put that theory to the sternest of tests recently by releasing an ad that certainly got people talking, although we are not sure for the reasons that they had in mind.

The company, called Father & Sons, appear to specialize in the tightest of tight clothes for men, marketed at the kind of insecure, perma-tanned and neck-tattooed blowhard that aspires to be on shows like Jersey Shore. In order to show off their products to their maximum ‘potential,’ they hired the services of a quite extreme male model called Shaun Rezaei, who seems to be obsessed with bodybuilding and achieving the lowest body fat levels humanly possible.

Needless to say, the whole thing has a faintly ridiculous air of male preening and vapid superficiality, which people were quick to pick up on. The funny comments do not disappoint! Do yourself a favor and check out their Facebook page for some savage examples of British humor, almost every post is oozing with cynical piss-taking.

Guys in the habit of skipping leg day can only hope that this kind of clothing never goes mainstream. Maybe it’s the Avengers effect, or that Jason Momoa guy, but the beefcake definitely appears to be back in fashion. That’s fine, but do they really need to strut around in leggings and skin-tight shirts as well? It’s like a Fabio revival over here.

Rezaei, inevitably from California, also calls himself “Mr. Fiveo” and has a company that “encourages and inspires people to live a healthier, happier, more energized life by minimizing unnecessary body fat and building solid muscle mass.”

“A healthier body and mind lead to more productive life experience and success at many levels,” he writes. “FIVEO means striving to achieve below 5% body fat. It is not a short term diet. It is a long term lifestyle change.”

Image credits: shaun_rez

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Image credits: shaun_rez