My name is Claudio Francescato and I am a freelance illustrator based in Milan, Italy. I met Sir Cagott one year ago, and he suggested me to draw some famous poops.

Sir Cagott is an English gentleman. He said “you can draw it in my studio, it smells like roses… sometimes.” Only when I went to his studio I understood the real meaning of “sometimes”. His poops were real! All the famous people (live and dead) were invited to poop in his studio! Luckily my sense of smell sucks and I accepted his work. Now I post a drawing of a poop every time when someone sits on the big water pool situated in the center of his studio.

Sir Cagott wants to prove that famous people poop like normal ones. Hum, but unfortunately they don’t poop properly normal. The illustrations I made during my hard-sniff-project simply prove that.

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