With this series I want to pay a contemporary “homage” to the painters I admire and who gave me the passion for painting.

At the very beginning, I used the playmobil toys to create my compositions before starting drawing to get an idea in a small scale of the lights and the proportions of my characters (like the old masters used to do with small clay figurines). I found this little character with Emoji face very universal and interesting. I used their peculiar ranges of motion and stiff expressions to create the ironic and sometimes cynical tone I try to use to confront our behavior, our excesses, our habits, and our very way of life. I’m using this Mister “no body” as an avatar of the human species to tell the story of our era in an offbeat and characterized manner.

I take photos of the plastic toys in the position I want and I inlay them with Photoshop on my computer. Later, I transfer this composition on my canvas by hand drawing. Then I draw all the shadows with a blue wash paint leaving the white spaces of the canvas for the lights. Finally, there comes painting and the light work using my acrylics.

The persistence of Memory

Mona Lisa

La ùltima cena

A Sunday afternoon on the island of La grande Jatte

Liberty leading the people

La Laitière

Las Meninas

Le déjeuner des canotiers in progress

Le déjeuner des canotiers finished

The raft of the Medusa


Mme Rivière

The temptation of Saint Anthony

Babel Tower in progress

Babel Tower finished