Posters are a very important part of movies. It's the first thing we see when we go to the movie theater. They show what the movie is all about, setting the vibe and tone for the type of film it's going to be. But what if we tweaked the posters just a little bit to make them funnier? Or maybe even make a statement?

That's exactly what a digital artist from Chicago, known as Doctor Photograph, does. He takes the posters of movies we all know and love and digitally edits them to make a parody, a comment, or sometimes even a political statement.

The artist told Bored Panda: “One day I saw a product parody online and was fooled absolutely into thinking it was real. After a good laugh and sending it to all my friends, I thought I should try to get in on the fun myself.”

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Doctor Photograph was inspired by parodies, so no wonder his work is a reflection of that. The artist likes to remake movies and TV show covers with a sarcastic comment about the plot, ending, or how long the show took to finish. He even makes some comments on the more controversial topics, like politics or actors breaking the law.

Doctor Photograph told us what the main goal of his illustrations is: "It's always to provide entertainment. Either by tricking people into thinking my 'doctored' images are real or making parodies so absurd, they can't help but laugh."

The digital artist has almost 40k followers on his Instagram and is always growing because a lot of people are enjoying his edits. The goal of them is to give people a good laugh or maybe even trick some of the more naive ones into thinking his creations are real.

The artist shared what inspired him to create these edits: "The first fake product I ever photoshopped was a Heinz flavor mashup called Mayonster, which was Mayo combined with Monster Energy Drink. After seeing how far it spread (pun intended), I knew I had to keep going."

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Doctor Photograph told us how he got into art: "I'm a big fan of comedy podcasts and a lot of times comedians will tell a joke or tell a story that just needs a visual. I bought and learned how to use Photoshop just so I could get in on the fun of making those images."

The artist shared the most difficult part of creating these edits: "Rather than just photoshop a store in the background of my products, I like to go to supermarkets, video/music shops, or electronic stores to give them a realistic look. Obviously, this adds time that others probably would rather spend creating their next concept, but I feel taking that time to add the extra layer of reality will only help the final result."

Doctor Photograph describes his style and sense of humor: "I'd say I'm very meticulous, sometimes to a fault, but its worth it when the result is getting seen by millions of people. As far as my sense of humor... I'm all over the place, but I think calling me a satirist sums it up well."

"Mayonster is going to be three years old in August. I'll keep making them as long as I can think of ideas. (If you've got something you'd like to see created, reach out!)" said Doctor Photograph when asked when he started creating these edits and how long he will continue making them.

Here's a challenge from Doctor Photograph for you: "Pick one of my posts and share it on your social media pretending you found it while you were at a store, just say 'omg what the heck??' Wait like two hours until you get a bunch of comments and then please tag me so I can read them all. Reactions like those are my favorite."

What do you think of these edits? Do you prefer them to the originals? Tell us in the comments down below and don't forget to upvote your favorite pictures. Also, go show some love to the artist and follow them on their social media pages, and maybe even visit the shops they have!

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