All major companies know the importance of having a good logo as it's the face of the brand, the most publicly recognizable branding a brand can have. If a brand's logo is good, customers will easily recognize it, associate with the brand, and trust it. And what's more important than the customer's trust? We associate logos with the brand's products so if for example, we're looking for a mouth-watering hazelnut cocoa spread for a guilty snack, we usually search for Nutella. Or if we're looking for tomato ketchup for our family BBQ, we usually trust Heinz. Logos gives us the assurance that we will get what we're looking for.

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29-year-old Egyptian artist Ahmed Morshedi decided to mess a bit with our trust for certain famous brands by looking at them differently than most of us are used to. He redesigned the logos of well-known companies, printed them out and repackaged them in a way that confuses your mind and makes you think twice. He took marketing to a whole new level with his creativity and proved that he's pretty much a marketing guru.

"It's simply a different way of looking at the brands, which most of the time their teams are afraid of tackling it in such a way," - Ahmed told Bored Panda about the concept behind his artwork. He is a full-time art director by profession and also an independent artist who every once in a while loves to experiment with art reaching completely new limits and thinking outside the box. After all, who would have thought of brushing their teeth with Nutella?

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