Companies spend millions to earn a tiny space in our heads that would help instantly recognize their brand logo design. But how well do you think that money is actually spent? To find out a custom signage firm has conducted a fascinating memory test, asking 156 Americans between the ages of 20 and 70, to draw 10 famous logos as accurately as possible. The only trick was that they have to do it without any visual aids, simply from their recollections.

The results are waiting for you below, and be ready to be at least a little bit surprised at how the image of these famous brand logos vary from person to person. Despite the differences, most participants did manage to get the color palettes right, which shows the importance of the right color combo for a memorable logo.

A fact also pinpointed by Karen Haller, a leading authority on color psychology, who had this to say while talking about using color in branding: “People have an emotional connection with color first. Then we take in the shapes, the logo, and we read the words,” says Haller. “If we sense a mismatch, it’s the color we don’t believe, despite the beautifully crafted words.”

Scroll down to check what logo ideas these people had!

More info: (h/t: demilked)

Apple Logo

Adidas Logo


Burger King Logo


Starbucks Logo


Ikea Logo

Domino’s Pizza Logo

Foot Locker Logo

Target Logo

7-Eleven Logo

Walmart Logo


Here are some statistics on which logos are the easiest to remember: