As the whole world is keeping an eye on the bushfires that are still devastating Australia, people tend to get their attraction drawn by Australia’s beloved marsupials, koalas. Even though so many of them are being killed by the fires, dangers lurk for the rescued ones as well. After rescuing a helpless animal from the flames, many people have that first instinct to give them some water. While that is a noble and rightful idea, most of them reach out to the source that’s closest to them, which usually tends to be a water bottle they have stuffed in their bags or a hose. Turns out, drinking falling water could be fatal for koalas and vets are speaking out, explaining why.

Usually, koalas don’t drink at all and get all the fluids they need munching on eucalyptus (gum) leaves

But recent conditions in Australia have left them especially thirsty, making the poor animals seek any source of water they can get

However, giving koalas water from a bottle or a hose could be fatal for them, as they could potentially breathe air and die from pneumonia and here’s a perfect explanation why