The mythical Moonmelon has been making fools out of the internet since 2011, with Tumblr and Pinterest largely responsible for one of the longest-running food gags in online history.

Obviously, the Moonmelon is simply an image of a regular, everyday watermelon that has been photoshopped with a bright shade of blue. But what really managed to convince most people was the short description about the magical melon, complete with a made-up scientific name and captivating story about its ability to alter the flavor of things after you eat it. Sour flavors suddenly become sweet; while salty foods turn bitter. Even regular water becomes a tasty, orange-flavored drink. It’s like something straight outta Willy Wonka!

As much as the hoax has been exposed, over and over again, it somehow refuses to die. In fact, it seems the harder people try to debunk it, the greater the myth grows! It has done the rounds on various social media sites over the years, surfacing every now again to tempt people with its exotic, Japanese delights. Perhaps this time, we can kill the Moonmelon myth forever?

Ridicule is always a powerful weapon against trolls, so these Tumblr users went to work on making fun of the hoax in the best way possible. Fighting photoshop with bigger, better and funnier photoshop!

True to form, they didn’t forget to add mystical descriptions, perfectly lampooning the original upload. Surely now, the Moonmelon can’t recover from this?

Maybe they were salty for having fallen for the hoax themselves? Well, a quick taste of the Moonmelon has turned them from salty to bitter! Interestingly though, there actually is a fruit that can hack your tastebuds to make sour foods taste sweet. It’s called the miracle berry and is found in West Africa. For up to an hour, the juices coat your tongue and previously sour foods like lemon and vinegar magically taste deliciously sweet. Maybe the Moonmelon was onto something, after all?

Here’s what people had to say about the mythical melon