Stealing other people’s pictures and pretending like they’re your own is never a good idea, especially when you do it on the internet, because sooner or later somebody will call you out for it. That’s precisely what happened to Thai air hostess Louktarn Ticha recently, who was forced to delete her popular Instagram account, along with her 150k followers, after people noticed that she was Photoshopping herself into stolen images without giving the owners any credit.

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Ticha was busted after social media users started posting pictures alongside the original photographs that they’d found on the web. One of the images she used belonged to Finnish landscape photographer Tiina Törmänen, and the Finnish Embassy in Bangkok couldn’t help but make a joke about it on their official Facebook page. “Northern lights in Finland are so beautiful that many people wish they could experience them…” they wrote alongside an article sharing the news of Photoshopping Ticha’s antics. Ticha responded by deleting the pictures she’d stolen, but since then her Instagram account has completely disappeared. (h/t: petapixel)

Thai air hostess Louktarn Ticha had a popular Instagram account that she used to post pictures of her globe-trotting lifestyle

The only problem was that her pictures weren’t real!

She was Photoshopping herself into other people’s pictures without crediting the owners

Social media users realized what was happening and started posting pictures alongside the original photographs they found on the web

In one of the images, the clouds gave away the actual background picture that the hostess had used

In another image she’d simply added herself to a picture shot and published by Emirates, the airline she reportedly works for

Here’s what the original picture looks like. Louktarn has since deleted her Instagram account