Back in the days of our childhood, we always look up to the choices made by the characters in the fairy tales. As we expose ourselves to many of the tough social challenges and mature into adulthood, many of us, once thought fairy tales can never exist in reality, are subconsciously playing the roles with twisted scripts. I want to share some of my perspectives on reality through the fairy tale lenses and portray some of the everyday-hidden actors and actresses’ interaction on the stage of reality.

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Hopefully the reality version of fairy tales can shed some light on what happens when you mix commerce, trade, and transactions into love, passion and curiosity. The following pieces will take you on a journey exploring some of our modern-day achievements’ negative by-products, such as environmental pollution, cosmetic abuse, materialism, drug commerce, autism, pharmaceutical abuse, polygamy, and objectifying women.

Beauty and the Beast

Image by: aili.jian

Is the beauty within the beast or the beast within the beauty?


Image by: aili.jian

The key is… does he hold the right shoe not if the right person is holding the shoe.

Snow White

Image by: aili.jian

It becomes a bit more complicated when they are taller…

Alice in Wonderland

Image by: aili.jian

…except they didn’t tell her that not everything is beautiful


Image by: aili.jian

Sometimes when you are the one locking yourself in, no matter how long your hair is, there’s no escape.

Sleeping Beauty

Image by: aili.jian

Does she have a problem sleeping or does she not want to wake up or has she been simply waiting too long?

Jack and the Beanstalk

Image by: aili.jian

A magical seed that will lead you to wealth…sound too familiar?

The Little Mermaid

Image by: aili.jian

To them, she’s just a pretty thing that holds the food.