One tattoo enthusiast with an unfortunate, low-quality Pikachu tattoo just got a cute and clever cover-up thanks to Lindsay Baker, a talented tattoo artist at Niteowl Tattoo in Massachusetts. Her ink turned a hazy and unclear Pikachu tattoo into a painting being painted by the iconic ‘Pikaso’ Pokemon character himself!

A cover-up tattoo is often the best way to remedy an unfortunate or unfortunately funny tattoo without using some sort of surgery. Your best bet, however, is to get your tattoo idea done right the first time around by spending money on an artist who will be able to create a true work of art!

Now scroll down below to witness the best possible outcome form the worst possible situation with this amazingly cool Pikachu tattoo cover-up!

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Tattoo artist Lindsay Baker said her client got the tattoo from a drunk girl 4 years ago

“I have tattooed this particular client a few times and he showed me the tattoo. I got excited and suggested we tattoo Pikachu drawing himself and my client told me he had the same idea”

This brilliant Pikachu cover-up couldn’t have gone any better!

“The whole tattoo took about two hours. He was so excited with the finished product!”