Having explored several ghost towns throughout the globe in the last year. I was in no way prepared for how different and creepy Al Madam would actually be to explore.

Al Madam is around 90 minutes outside of Sharjah. An abandoned town that is not yet known by tourists but rather popular among the locals. The cascading dunes and open space allow the perfect opportunity for 4×4 drifting if you’re feeling a little boisterous.

No one truly knows why Al Madam was abandoned but it was rumored that a nasty ‘djinn’ (a supernatural creature that Muslim community believes in) was supposedly responsible for driving the residents away. Alongside the unwelcome sand storms and fierce winds that are slowly swallowing the abandoned place.

According to the locals nearby to the town, Al Madam was known to be inhabited by the people of the Al Kutbi tribe (they are among three prominent tribes living in the vicinity of Al Madam).

The history of Al Madam is incredibly vague although one thing that’s for certain in that the abandoned buildings had laid for over a decade, consisting of a handful of beautiful houses that were constructed between the 1970s and 1980s. Also, the noticeably impressive Mosque that overlooks the entire town which for me gives the town a unique yet creepy feel.

Today Al Madam’s buildings sit relatively untouched (minus the graffiti that has now started appearing smeared over the walls). Due to travel blogs appearing online the town is slowly growing in popularity. Bringing people from all over the globe to explore this interesting place.

Al Madam is a place to see that’s easily accessible via car and holds some amazing photographic opportunities. I used a drone whilst here as it made for the best and most different types of shots.

Self Portrait captured beneath the scorching heat of Al Madam

It was rumored an Evil spirit haunted this town, driving away its residents

The beautiful green mosque that lies burning under the Middle Eastern Sun

Many houses lie decaying and slowly being swallowed by the desert

Many of the houses are in very good condition despite the town being abandoned over a decade ago

Strong winds and fierce sand storms are regular within Al Madam

I can’t help but wonder what unfolded behind these doors

One of the more lavish of houses has the most gorgeous of details

Very soviet looking gate

Windows upon windows

Al Madam / UAE