Everyone who’s pretty active on social media has had at least one strange encounter with another person that left them a bit baffled. Whether it’s in the form of an email, Facebook comment, or a tweet, some people deliver the strangest and sometimes even the most unwelcome reminders of their presence. Recently, one of them became an unknown person who decided to write an email to a political correspondent named Ailbhe Rea.

Recently, a woman named Ailbhe Rea shared an email she received from someone telling her how to correctly pronounce her name

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The person felt somewhat “personally attacked” when they saw Rea’s Twitter handle, which reads: PronouncedAlva. It prompted the stranger to write a lengthy email explaining to Rea that she has no idea how to pronounce her own name. Luckily, this internet stranger was there to correct her. Not.

Image credits: PronouncedAlva

Image credits: PronouncedAlva

However, her mom and other native Irish speakers had a different idea than the rude Irish student

Image credits: PronouncedAlva

Rea just couldn’t help but share the cringy email with her followers and it quickly went viral. After reading the email, fluent Irish speakers stepped up to say that the stranger couldn’t be more wrong with their correction, while others decided to painfully roast the Irish language student.

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Here’s how other people reacted

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