From the 1st of March Malaysian artist Hong Yi (previously here and here) started playing with her food – each day she creates a beautiful piece of art in her plate made entirely out of food.

The artist that also goes by the name “Red” is going to create 31 pieces by month’s end, so be sure to follow her project on Instagram.

Known as the artist who ‘loves to paint, but not with a paintbrush’, her works have been featured by media around the world including Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, ABC, CNN and the Daily Mail.

Eat your paintings or you’ll never grow big!

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“All you need is love…”

“Sonny, if anything, just stay far far away from Colonel Sanders”

“Hello there, Richard Parker!”

“Water Melon”

“The Scream by Edvard Munch”

“Found a tiny little garden on my plate today. The sun came out too.”

“The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai Katsushika”


“Tomato Soup”

“Giant Squid Attack”

“Banksy on My Plate”

“Arctic Melting”

via: foodiggity