This masterpiece of mine took 500 hours to create and was created by me and my mom Elizabeth Itutmazian … the design alone took me 1.5 months of thinking, sketching, sizing and questioning my sanity. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan (I have read the entire book series several times) and have waited years for someone to finally order one. I got lucky to have a client that gave me full creative freedom and no limits on imagination!

Let’s start describing the cake bottom up. The cake base is 28″ in diameter and the overall height of the cake is 45″. The base starts the theme of Hogwarts Castle and is comprised of mountains and itty bitty trees. Moving up, we enter the great lake and see the famous bridge. Harry Potter is smack center as the main character in the series, and he is holding his precious broom. He stands 6 inches tall. To the left of Harry you’ll find Hermione Grainger holding a little wand. Behind her, standing 3ft tall is the Whomping Willow!

I chose to make the Whomping Willow inedible to make it look more life like. I built it out of PVC pipes, floral wire and floral tape. It took a total of 8 hours to complete.

The main attraction on the tree is the Weasley car that famously crashed into the tree when Ron helps Harry sneak out of his house and back to Hogwarts. My mom sculpted the car and it took her two weeks to finalize. She did amazing!!!

To the left of the car you’ll see a suspended snitch. I designed the hanging part, my mom designed the snitch. To immediate right on the cake you will see Quidditch goal posts :) top right of the Whomping Willow you’ll see an owl fluttering its wings, holding a purple and gold envelope in its mouth (the color of my client’s university)!

To the right of Harry Potter, you’ll find Ron Weasley and a bunch of Hogwarts castle towers. Each tower took 2 days to make and many tears from my end as I tried to figure out the execution. The tallest tower measures 1.5ft tall and 4.5″ in diameter.

Now we go to the next cake tier! This is the real cake tier and measures 12″ in diameter and 6″ in height. Since it was real cake, i wanted to keep the design as simple as possible. You don’t see all of the details in this photo since the cake rotates (see posted video), but the back has AMAZING details!! Cant wait to post more photos and videos! Anyway, for the front of the cake I designed a doorway to enter Hogwarts. I LOOOVVVEEEE doors. This one took hours to design and execute, mainly because I was winging the design. In the back of the cake you will see (in future photos) three frames holding sculpted figures: Severus Snape, Albus Dumbledore and Minerva Mcgonnegal. I LOVE THEM!

Then we go up to the most WOWING tier: the great dining hall. This hall was built and destroyed over and over until we executed what you see today. Inside you’ll find suspended candles, house banners, owl podium, a great window, and plates with sliced cake.

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Magical runes!

More books

Monster book

The snitch

The dining hall with floating candles

The Weasley car!


Albus Dumbledore

Severus Snape


Sorting hat

Back of cake

Front of cake

The Most Amazing Harry Potter Cake You Will Ever See