We all get it – moms always want what’s best for their kids. But there has to be a line somewhere, especially if the kid wants something that’s not theirs. Like, this Nintendo that Redditor Artlanta brought on a Southwest airline flight.

“I was sitting in a window seat next to two lovely women, and directly horizontal from us was an empty seat, a mom, and her son,” the Redditor wrote in her post on the Entitled Parents subreddit. It was not long before that mother unbuckled while the plane was taking off and moved closer to the author.

“Sorrrry,” Atlanta wrote, “I just wanted to know if there was any way that my son could use that game for a little while.” Understandably, the author did not feel comfortable with sharing her Nintendo with the kid she didn’t know, and more so, she brought it for herself.

That’s when the real scene began and it was clear that the mother was just not taking ‘no’ for an answer.

Image credits: Hanson Lu (not the actual photo)

Bored Panda reached out to Artlanta, the author of this story, who said that she has flown a lot in her life, but this was the first and only time she had actually encountered someone that acted like this. “I’m really thankful that the people around me agreed that this mother was stepping out of line. My situation would’ve been so different if the people around me wouldn’t have cared to speak up for me.”

Image credits: Erik Mclean (not the actual photo)

Artlanta said that “so many people fly in one day… so many different kinds of people get on one plane. You never know who you’re going to end up sitting next to, it really is a gamble. I think my story is one of those horror stories.” She added that no one wants to have to encounter someone like this. “I think that’s why so many people were interested in my story, because arguing with a stranger on your flight is often the worst-case scenario for travelers like me.”

According to the author, the incident initially ended when one of the women in her row tried talking this entitled mother down with logic. “It’s no one’s responsibility to take care of YOUR children but YOU. At the end of the flight when the mother felt the need to make that snide comment, it actually made me laugh pretty hard to myself. I knew that mother felt defeated or she wouldn’t have said something so nasty before she walked away.”

The author also added that she didn’t have a problem with the “entitled” woman initially asking her if her son could borrow her Switch. “I understand that completely… but when I said no, that should’ve been the end of the conversation. Her child could’ve learned a lesson somewhere in that interaction, but instead, it became an uncomfortable moment in my flight that I’ll likely never forget,” she concluded.