As if getting along with your neighbors wasn’t enough of a challenge already, some next-door residents take the craziness to a whole new level. Especially if that includes dealing with not just entitled, but a very entitled parent.

All this and more happened to one work-from-home mom of two boys, age 5 and 10. In a viral post on r/EntitledParents, the author shared how years ago, “this new neighbor of mine kept trying for the better part of a summer to use me as a free babysitter.” It turned out, the lady kept dropping off her 7-year-old at the author’s door in the early mornings. Even after telling her a solid “Stop sending your kid over, I am NOT a baby-sitter!” the senseless behavior continued, pushing the author to the brink of insanity.

So let’s see how this neighbor drama progressed in the full story below, which will make you want to hug your neighbors, however loud their music may be, because now you know… it could be worse. Worse times infinity.

Entitled mom keeps dropping her son off at neighbor’s house for unsolicited babysitting, sparks crazy neighbor drama

Image credits: Charles Deluvio (not the actual photo)

Image credits: nannylinn62

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