It’s been a fantastic summer and my boys have had an enormous amount of fun. I’m sharing a small collection of some of my favorite family photos I took this last summer. Summer is the embodiment of some of our fondest moments when we were children ourselves. That’s why I hope you enjoy these and they evoke memories of your own children or childhood.

Meet Emerson and Greyson. They’re two years and one year old, respectively. This last summer they’ve been in a few of the states to visit with grandparents and cousins. While we visited these places, as well as at home, we always go to explore different areas together. Years from now they may not remember these days so early on in their childhood, which is partly the reason we wanted to document all of these moments.

From enjoying the company of animals and teddy bears, to splashing around in a few puddles. We want their childhood to be some filled with the best memories possible. There isn’t any major photoshopping involved with these images since the goal is to capture the genuine magic of their childhood, not to fabricate it.

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