UK-based artist Sew Beautiful creates breathtaking landscapes using only needle, thread, and occasionally some cotton-like balls of wool to make her artwork jump out of the hoop. Her vibrant and colorful embroidered sceneries look like paintings although no paint was used in the process. She doesn‘t have to look far for inspiration as living in the picturesque countryside results in the most incredible designs.

If you appreciate hand-stitched artwork, scroll down to see the best of her intricate natural scenes and join the army of 32.7k followers on Instagram to keep them coming! Check out more stunning embroidery designs here, here and here to find out how creative it can get!

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“From a young age, I've always had a passion for art, nature, and flowers. I loved trying new styles of art. I grew up watching my mum create through embroidery and recently, I put both my love of colors and embroidery together. The love and support I receive from my following has given me the confidence and motivation to create new pieces,” the artist told Bored Panda.

Embroidery has existed as long as people have been producing fabric, dating back to 30,000 BC, so it already has a rich history which is still being written—we can find embroidery art all over the world across different cultures and industries. And while it’s widely used and appreciated in clothes and accessories and can definitely upcycle and freshen up any look, more and more artists are expressing their creativity beyond fashion through needle and thread. Each artwork by Sew Beautiful is a unique piece of wall art that could decorate any interior. From green forests to vast fields with fluffy clouds, from vivid mountains to peaceful ponds—the artist captures realistic and abstract sights with multicolored yarn and thread.

Modern-day embroidery artists push this ancient art form to its limits by not only including various innovative techniques and mixed materials such as wool and tulle, but also by coming up with the most creative ideas to use their skill to stand out. We have recently featured a Japanese artist who is making mouth-watering miniature foods and meals with just needle and thread. Another self-taught artist from Palm Springs gives a new life to vintage photographs and postcards by adding embroidered highlights to them. Helen Wilde is creating three-dimensional oceanic and botanical scenes with yarn, porcelain, and silk. Other artists combine their passions with embroidery, like Gabriela Martinez, who hand-stitches scenes from her favorite cartoon, The Simpsons. Artists all over the world keep taking embroidery to new and exciting levels, which is the reason it will always thrive.

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