I have been a professional photographer for 5 years now. When I started Eupidere, a brand of premium leather straps, we knew that the process of imaging the products will not be an issue for me. And in fact, it is such an enjoyable work!

With Christmas just around the corner I needed to quickly take a Christmas image, a sort of a Christmas postcard for social media. I looked around my apartment and saw a flat screen TV and a decorated Christmas tree with an elf hanging of a branch. I’ve put a camera, strap and the elf, on a table in front of the flat screen, which displayed the background. The snowpiles in the foreground are just two pieces of paper. The whole scene has been lit with a hot shoe mounted flash, bounced of a wall to the right. Adjusting f-stop and exposure time I could control balance of flash light vs. continuous light of the screen. The whole process of setting up the scene and shooting took me around 10 minutes.

I used that technique before while shooting a wedding. I thought of taking an image of a ring. I put in on a wine glass, flipped upside down. All the color in the image comes from a screen in the background.

More info: dr5000.com

Little guy, wearing stripped pajama

I decided to put him into a winter scenery and wish everyone Merry Christmas

Two years ago I did the same thing with a macro shot of a ring