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Awesome Elderly Street Artists Destroy Age Stereotypes In Portugal
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Social Issues, Art7 years ago

Awesome Elderly Street Artists Destroy Age Stereotypes In Portugal

Graffiti and street art have both often served to deepen the rift of misunderstanding between young and old, but there’s one art organization in Lisbon, Portugal that’s working to change that. LATA 65 works to destroy age stereotypes and turn senior citizens into street artists by providing them with spray paint cans, masks and gloves and finding them free spots in the city to tag up and paint!

It all begins with workshops, where the students learn about the history of street art and get to create their own stencils. They then find run-down parts of the city to jazz up with colorful tags and stencil art.

According to the organization’s Facebook, their goal is to connect older and younger generations through art, to help the elderly engage in new forms of contemporary art and, most importantly, to let them have fun. Looks like they’re doing a good job!

More info: Facebook | Instagram | (h/t: lostateminor)

LATA 65 wants the elderly to get involved in street art

The organization lets senior citizens create their own street art stencils…

…and provides them with masks, gloves, and cans of spray paint

Then, they find run-down parts of Lisbon that could use some color

The program helps bridge the gap between younger and older generations

Most importantly, however – they get to have some fun!


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