Ahmed Gooda, an Egyptian artist, paints intricate designs on 3D mediums that give stunning impressions of texture. Gooda’s unusual canvases range from animal skulls to wooden mannequins, and hand-cut circuit board designs. “I want to explore the presumptions of what’s obsolete and mundane, and create something that challenges this perspective”, Gooda says.

His works fuse art with light in a vibrant explosion of color, illuminating under black light and glowing brilliant hues in the dark. Inspired by the skin texture and flamboyant colors of chameleons, Gooda paints every art piece with flair.

“I find myself working with the object, rather than on it,” Gooda comments on his creative process. He creates beautiful context with patterns and contours. He also injects a sense of humor into his artwork. Kreeps, originally wooden mannequins, are transformed into colorful, witty characters and photographed in familiar everyday life situations.

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Where the Wild Things Are

The lunatic is in my head!

Tori, the charismatic Kreep

Coming Back to Life

Feels Like Free Spirit

Sir Duncan, the intellectual

Lia in yoga pose

Skull in the sea!

This pic was taken underwater in the Red Sea.


Finding Rhythm

My Mind’s Eye


inspired by Hello!


A hand-cut circuit board map of Egypt

To mimic the bordering waters for the map, Gooda painted a background canvas with layers of phosphorescent crystals that glow bright cyan in the dark. The canvas serves as the frame of the map.