While we are all so different individually, it seems easy to define people in groups according to tired stereotypes. Things get interesting, however, when different stereotyped groups collide – which is exactly what Yang Liu’s “Ost trifft West,” or “East Meets West,” is all about. Liu, a young artist from Beijing currently living in Germany, illustrates the social and cultural differences between her Eastern and Western worlds.

“Ost trifft West” is a series of infographic posters that make accurate and sometimes humorous comparisons between German and Chinese people. The infographics underscore important human elements like the perception of self, expression of opinions and mood. They also compare a few less-serious elements like behavior at a party or the most popular cure for belly ache.

Yang Liu says she is often questioned about her ways of gathering such content and whether she used interviews, research or theories. “The fact is that each single illustration is my very personal experience in the past 13-17 years, and this work was made as a documentation of my own life,” she said. As an artist who was raised in multiple cultures, she doesn’t feel like she belongs to any of them: “I am feeling myself more as a person, who belongs to all the places I have been”,- says Liu.

Website: yangliudesign.com

Expressing opinion

Lifestyle: independent vs. dependent

Attitude towards punctuality

The boss

Contacts and connections

Expressing feelings

Standing in a line

Self perception

Sundays on the streets

At a party

Noise level at the restaurant

Cure for stomach ache


Ideal of beauty

Children in the family


Dealing with problems

Three meals a day

Means of transportation

Everyday life of elderly

Shower time

What’s trending

Mood and weather

Cultural perceptions: Germans vs. Chinese