We have come a long way from thinking that the Earth is the center of the universe, and that all the other planets can be seen with a naked eye – however, it did take the mankind around 400 years of telescopic observations to gather the knowledge about the Earth that we have today. The heliocentric model, saying that the Sun is the actual center, was accepted back in 17th century, but was yet again altered after finding out that it is actually just the center of one galaxy out of millions that are out there.

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To take the spotlight even further, scientists revealed that our galaxy is a part of an ever expanding universe, that has no determinable center no edge, and is composed of clusters and superclusters. Together with filaments and voids, those are the largest coherent formations in the Universe, and by the 21st century their positioning has been established rather clearly.

The pictures below illustrate where the Earth stands in this whole structure; so if you think your bad hair day is the biggest problem in the whole wide universe today, check out what it actually looks like from the point of view of the infinity!

Source: wikipedia.org