Daily rides in public transport can be very boring and dull.
Most of the time, you’re either on your phone or you are just glaring into the distance,
unless it’s dark or you go through a long and dark tunnel.
But for one Dutch Creative, this is the best part of the trip.
Dutch trains have a crooked window on the top floor, which transforms the reflection of people,
that can only be seen in the dark.
She started photographing it and adds the so called “train monsters” on her blog.
The results are funny, random and somehow fascinating.
You can see that it’s a person, but it’s a new and exciting way to document a daily commute.
As a Dutch commuter myself, i’m hoping that one day i’m sitting in front of her. And see her sneaking up to take my picture. But maybe, i’m too busy looking at my phone.. like all the other people that were transformed into a “train monster”.

More info: trainmonsters.tumblr.com