My name is Mariusz Kedzierski and I’m a 23-year-old Polish artist. Mostly, I make realistic or hyperrealistic drawings. Most of them are portraits. There is nothing special in my pencil drawings, except for one thing – I was born without arms.

But for me, being a disabled person doesn’t mean that I can’t live my own, great life. It doesn’t mean that I have to forget my creative ideas and dreams. Art has been my way of life for 7 years. Since that time I have drawn over 700 realistic drawings that took me 15,000 hours. Meanwhile, I got 2nd prize “Best Global Artist” in Vienna in 2013. My black and white drawings were shown in exhibitions in Krakow, Vienna, Oxford, Wroclaw, and more.

I’ve done my latest beautiful drawings during my travel through Europe. I was working on the streets of Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Barcelona, Marseille, Venice, Rome, and Athens. I called this realistic art project ‘Mariusz Draws’. This way, I want to inspire people, show them that all the limits are in our heads.

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Self – portrait, 2011